More on Zines

Being trapped inside has rekindled my zine interest, and rekindled my interest in working less so I have energy to create more.  If anyone has any tips on that, you know, let me in.  I found out about the Orderly Disorder Zinester Librarians Tour a month too late, but I plan on bookmarking this page in hopes that I can catch it next summer. 

Also of note for the two people on the West Coast who have ever read my blog, the Rock Paper Scissors Zine Jams.  I like the idea of zine workshops, mostly because they speak to the efficiency zealot in me, and because anyone who has played with font sizes and clip art for hours on end and still had pages to fill can appreciate having a “workshop”, filled with zine labor.  Actually, I’ve probably used this concept more as a sweatshop, as I think anyone who has ever worked on a zine with me has heard the phrase “Good!  Now draw more” or some variation.

I was originally looking for zines archived online, but really the format does not translate well online.  The anticipation of waiting on zines to come in the mail or the surprise of finding them in a store is a prime selling point.  I did find this blog, however, with the most recent post about a single page zine, which is a great format and, as I don’t have the hours to kill that I used to, it’s a lot easier to crank these out.  I like the idea for the zine.  The first panel is always the hardest, and I was considering a future post for camuscanoe speaks being a list of zine prompts.  On those lines, Stumptown has a great set-up, Monthly Themes Monthly Zines.  Of course those bastards are also on the West Coast, which makes it a little difficult for those nearer the Atlantic to partake.  According to their site, however, they will soon be setting up an etsy shop.

For the East Coasters, I love this blog.  AND THE DC ZINEFEST!  I just missed it, but I’m already planning my outfit for next year.

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